Branding is mostly done by people to showcase their talent and an identity that is liked by people and also used by them. Branding is practiced by companies and individuals also. Selling an identity that displays you as a brand is known as personal branding. It involves planning an idea, decision-making regarding the strategies, and executing the idea.

Making a personal brand needs creativity and a story that anyone wants to tell in his or her own way. It is an invention that is discovered by a person and or plans to share with the public. It is sometimes for the welfare of the people and sometimes for its own sake. To develop a personal brand the person needs to understand why he or she wants to build a personal brand. Once the person is clear that why does he or she want a personal brand it will be better.

Secondly, there is a technique that needs to be followed for a successful brand. It is called P.I.E which stands for Performance, Image, and Exposure. These with three pieces of your brand need to be in your favor for a successful brand. Performance is essential. Quality work must be delivered and Image is what is displayed to people. Exposure is making sure that people know you and what you’ll stand for.

You should take charge of each of the three elements to deliver good performance with exposure and also maintain the image of the brand.

Before you start telling your story make sure you know what you will be known for and what your story will be about. You should have a deep understanding of your brand personality and personal brand identity.

Building core values also is important you need to have discipline, integrity, creativity, and innovation. There are numerous core values that need to be incorporated into any personal brand for it to be successful.

The benefits of the brand and the reasons for its life should be taken care of. The functional and emotional benefits of the brand need to be clear which will be delivered to the audience. Hard Skills are applicable things like writing, coaching and mentoring, public speaking, etc. Soft Skills are attributes like self-motivation, strength, and many more.

You would also need awards and accolades to support them. Make a list of your all degrees, awards, credential, testimonials, and key examples that will help you in supporting your brand

A brand has a color, logo, name, and design which are the tangible elements of any brand. Offline personal branding shows the appearance of your brand.

Your personal brand should have a USP known as the unique selling point which is the reason why people should go for your brand. Your brand requires uniqueness to stand out from the crowd in order to be extraordinary.

Start working with your brand and see the results if it’s working and if it does not try to improve the functioning of your brand for that you can consult any big companies that can help you in your brand.

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